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Blink Contacts (10 ml)

Begin: 09/04/2018   While stocks last!
Blink Contacts (10 ml)
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Blink® Contacts eye drops from Abbott Medical Optics Inc. is a perfect choice for dry eyes. Can be used with every type of contacts lenses while wearing the lenses.


  • This eye drop is especially made for contact lens users with gentled but long-lasting effect.

    For people whose lifestyle includes:

    • Long periods of concentration
    • Work in front of a computer monitor or in harsh fluorescent office lighting
    • Low-humidity environments
    • Frequent fliers

    For people who experience:

    • Contact lens or eye dryness
    • Gritty, sandy or scratchy sensation
    • Dry or fatigued eyes
    • Irritation, burning or stinging associated with lens wear
    • Redness
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