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  • Company name / Name: eOptika Ltd
    Address: Szent István körút 21. 2. emelet 7., Budapest, 1055, Hungary
    Phone number: +36 302222275
    Email address: hello [at]
    Shop name: NetOptica RO
    Tax number: 23111572-2-42
    EU VAT number: HU23111572
    Company registration number: 01-09-953509
    Contact person name: Lakos Péter
    Contact person´s phone number: +36 30 2222275
    Contact person´s e-mail address: hello [at]
  • » Shipping by post (registered mail)
    Total product weightShipping cost
    0 kg0.09 kg4.00
    0.1 kg0.29 kg5.00
    0.3 kg0.49 kg6.00
    0.5 kg0.99 kg8.00
    1 kg1.99 kg12.00
    2 kg 20.00
    » Courier (Romania)
    Order totalShipping cost
    21.74 free
    » Shipping by post (registered mail) - Belgium
    "The shipping fee is calculated based on the weight of your order.

    We ship all orders by registered mail. You can track this online to see when the expected delivery date is.

    95% of orders are shipped the same day or next day after you place your order. We keep a large inventory that makes this possible. Our warehouse is located in Budapest (Hungary) from where we send your shipment on its way to you.

    The parcel is delivered by your postman to your shipping address. If you are not at home, your postman will leave a note in your mailbox for you to pick up the package at the nearest post office. It is important that you bring valid photo identification with you, otherwise the parcel cannot be handed over to you.

    Please be aware that delays can appear in this period."
    Total product weightShipping cost
    0 kg0.09 kg4.50
    0.1 kg0.29 kg4.75
    0.3 kg0.49 kg5.00
    0.5 kg0.99 kg5.50
    1 kg1.99 kg6.50
    2 kg 10.00
  • » PayPal
    Ezen fizetési mód esetén a PayPal rendszerébe irányítjuk át a vásárlót. Ott használhatja bankkártyáját vagy már meglévő PayPal felhasználóját a számla kiegyenlítésére. A bankkártya adatokat minden esetben a PayPal oldalán kell megadnia, így azok semmilyen körülmények között nem jutnak el a kereskedőhöz. Elfogadott bankkártyák: Visa (egyes Electron kártyák is), EC/MC dombornyomott kártyák.
    » Card payment (EUR)
    Use your credit, debit or charge card to pay for products. We accept the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro and Mastercard. After choosing this option, you will be transferred to a banking page where prices will be shown in EUR.
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